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XTONE by Porcelanosa

XTONE by Porcelanosa is a sintered mineral compact, made from the purest natural minerals using the most advanced technology and avant-garde design.

As one seamless piece, XTONE can be prepared for a wide range of usable surfaces, from worktop and counters to furniture and other applications.

XTONE is truly a high-performance surface, and boasts a number of advantages. It is hygienic and prevents the spread of fungi and bacteria, making it ideal for direct contact with food. It is waterproof, with its non-porous sintered compact able to stop any absorption of liquids. XTONE is easily maintained and easy to clean. UV-resistant, it is unalterable to UV rays.

Bottage from XTONE by Porcelanosa Liem Dark Nature and Liem Dark Silk from XTONE by Porcelanosa
Liem Grey Kitchen and Cladded Matching Doors from XTONE by Porcelanosa Liem Black Polish and Nuba Polished Walls from XTONE by Porcelanosa

With its solid compact form, XTONE is also resistant to ice and frost and to fire and high temperature. Moreover, it is scratch and impact resistant, and chemical and stain resistant. With a thickness of 12 mm, XTONE has an unsurpassed bending strength. And this unique, high-quality material is 100% natural and recyclable.

XTONE is available in a range of white, neutral, beige, grey and black tones. Dependent on its size, XTONE is also available in a number of thicknesses, for example: 154×328 cm with a 12 mm thickness, or 150×150 cm with a 9 mm thickness.

Entirely customisable, XTONE can be adapted to the needs of an individual project, so offering complete creative freedom. Whether it’s a worktop, bench, sculpture or staircase, XTONE is ideally suited to the task at hand.

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