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100% Natural Sintered Stone Surfaces

Neolith surfaces are perfectly suited for almost any domestic use including kitchen worktops, bathroom vanity tops, window sills and shelves.

The immense strength of Neolith sintered material also makes it suitable for commercial uses such as refectory counters, restaurant counters and even both internal and external wall cladding.

Neolith is made from entirely natural, recyclable products, such as crushed stone and is created during a process involving intense heat and pressure that bonds the elements to create a strong and sturdy product that is lightweight, UV resistant and very versatile. The sintering process eliminates the need for any resin or polymer. With colour choices similar in appearance to stone, wood, or cement, Neolith presents a multitude of application options.

Neolith is extremely durable. It is scratch resistant, heat resistant, lightweight and hygienic. Neolith is available in a wide range of colour options and finishes, making it a sintered stone surface of choice for many customers.

Neolith has a range of beautiful colour collections some of which perfectly mimic classic natural stones. These stunning marble effect colours are found in the Neolith Classtone Collection and feature real marble material names such as Calacatta, Pulpis and Nero Marqunia, these high-quality reproductions bringing your worktops natural sophistication.

Neolith is available from us in large format slabs of 3200mmx1600mm and other sizes upon request.

Neolith finishes include 'Satin' and 'Silk' which are warm matt finishes for your kitchen but also 'Polished' for shiny glossy looking bathroom worktops.

Basalt Beige - Sintered stone worktop by Neolith Blanco Carrara BC02 - Sintered stone worktop by Neolith
Nero - Sintered stone worktop by Neolith Artic White - Sintered stone worktop by Neolith

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