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Lapitec is an innovative full-body sintered stone slab.

Lapitec combines the hardness of porcelain, the natural minerals from stone and the consistency of manufactured stone-without any of the resins.

Available in large format slabs, Lapitec brings together aesthetic design appeal and the superior mechanical and physical properties of porcelain with the elegance, workability, colours and typical finishes of natural stone.

Lapitec's composition is 100% mineral with no resin or hydrocarbon-based binder components. It's chemistry and mineralogy is similar to a granite but with a tight, cryptocrystalline structure similar to porcelain.

Lapitec is a supreme example of a construction material developed by employing advanced scientific manufacturing techniques.

It has only been possible to create such a material by obtaining the most highly refined natural constituents and by controlling the physical and chemical environment of aggregation and crystallisation during manufacture, to a degree not possible before.

Lapitec Sintered Stone is:

  • Inert and tolerant to very high temperatures, frost and unaffected by moisture
  • Resistant to UV light, acids, alkalis, abrasion and everyday wear and tear
  • All slabs have Lapitec Bio-care applied as standard

A non-porus material, Lapitec is resistant to staining, mould and bacteria, making it super-hygenic. In addition, every slab is resistant to acids, alkalis, deep abrasions, fire, frost and is unaffected by UV rays making it a long-lasting solution.

To further enhance its natural qualities, Lapitec is produced with the environment in mind as it doesn't contain any resins or petroleum derivatives.

Arabescato Bernini - Sintered stone worktop by Lapitec Bianco Assoluto - Sintered stone worktop by Lapitec
Grigio Cemento - Sintered stone worktop by Lapitec Grigio Cemento Lux - Sintered stone worktop by Lapitec

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