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The kitchen is the place where we feel most at home, where our imagination and freedom find their best expression.

Infinity provides the perfect frame for your kitchen. Thanks to the innovative large-scale surfaces, uniformity of design and elegance of details, Infinity will ensure that you cook and enjoy your meals with friends and family always within the best standards of hygiene and comfort thanks to their technical characteristics.

Infinity specialise in the production of large slabs in sizes up to a maximum of 1620x3240 mm, and thicknesses of 6 mm, 12 mm and 20 mm. The slabs can be applied to walls, transformed to create decorative furnishing items or used as external cladding on bonded or ventilated facades. All the Infinity products are made exclusively in Italy. The Infinity slabs are the result of a combination of excellences: smart technologies, high quality raw materials, and a deep culture in surface design.

Infinity surfaces are composed exclusively of natural minerals and raw materials. These are the same components of granite which are sintered at a temperature of 1230°C to create a new compact and waterproof material.

Infinity Surfaces: Extra Statuario MB04 Infinity Surfaces: Pietra Grey MB09
Infinity Surfaces: Extra Statuario MB04 Infinity Surfaces: Pietra Grey MB09

We look for the finest raw materials in the world, selecting and extracting them only from controlled and certified quarries.

  • Respect for the environment and workers' health are absolute priorities for us
  • 100% recycling of water and production waste
  • 74% of self-produced energy requirements, recovery of dust and particles
  • A long-lasting product, free of adhesives and resins.

Range of Surface Finishes

Polished - the polished finish is obtained through a progressive mechanical grinding process, which uses micro-abrasive materials with decreasing granularity to create a perfectly reflective surface. The polished surface is recommended exclusively for cladding applications and for the production of various types of furnishing elements.

Satin - the satin finish is the perfect synthesis between aesthetics and functionality. The surface is perfectly smooth, soft to the touch, with a controlled and homogeneous opacity that enhances the graphic development of the slabs. The complete absence of structure maximises cleaning capacity and daily maintenance. The slabs are recommended for cladding applications and for decor finishes, but not for floor applications.

Matte - the matte finish is characterised by a light surface structure that enhances stone finishes and allows obtaining a friction coefficient suitable for floor applications. The structure of the slab remains soft and easy to clean.

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