Sintered Stone sinks from 1810 Axix by SEH Interiors

1810 Axix Sinks

The Axix sintered stone sink is a brand new design launched in 2018 with great results almost from the first day.

The Axix concept involves the combination of a solid surface, quartz or stone worktop with a purposely designed, single bowl undermount sink, which when completed gives the appearance of a steel-bottomed, material-clad sink.

With no joints between the worktop material and the base of the sink, this innovative new development provides the ultimate watertight solution. The seamless technology creates an impermeable sink base which, whilst maintaining an upmarket contemporary finish, also permits the use of hot/boiling water taps.

The manufacturing process follows a straightforward fabrication method which can be completed in a regular workshop using standard tools. The two recommended installation methods involve forming a box section from the worksurface material followed by simply sliding the sink into place onto the box section. The box section then forms the internal walls of the sink bowl and in doing so creates a completely uniform and sleek aesthetic.

As the material for the sink is taken from the same slab as the worktop it ensures a near perfect colour match. Also, as these sinks are no longer bespokely made in the Spanish and Italian manufacturing sites, the old long lead times have completely disappeared. With 5 different size options available there is an Axix sink for everyone. It is worth noting that the axix sinks can also be used with other products that we offer such as Quartz and Acrylic materials. The concept is almost identical.

The Axis range is available in 5 models and in Stainless, Gunmetal and Copper finishes:

Axix 190 Stainless

190 (Stainless)

Axix 450 Stainless

400 (Stainless)

Axix 500 Stainless

500 (Copper)

Axix 700 Copper

700 (Copper)

Axix 150 355 Gunmetal

150 355 (Gunmetal)

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